Hands on with MPLABX® Simulator

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Using the MPLABX® Simulator to replace hardware for testing and debug of code will be explored. Students will design and write code, then debug their project on their computer using many of the features of the simulator.

PREREQUISITES: Basic familiarity with PIC® Microprocessors, and C


  • Review of setting up a project
  • Simulator design / capabilities
  • Injection
  • MDB (Microchip Debugger)
  • Extending the simulator
  • Debugging your project


  • PDF of presentation
  • Sample code routines and Software Dev Tools


  • Your computer with MPLABX® and XC8 installed.
  • Payment 1 week in advance.

FEE: $349.00 per person

ACCEPTED PAYMENT: Check, PayPal, or Credit Card.

DURATION OF COURSE: 7 hours - 1 session.

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