• Forensics investigations of fire scenes for root cause of equipment failure
  • Forensics investigations of equipment for root cause of failure for litigation and insurance purposes
  • Design review of schematics, PCB layouts, BOMs, and systems
  • Firefighter locator system firmware
  • Speedometer / Tachometer system firmware for Harley motorcycles sold by Badlands Motorcycle
  • Run / Brake / Turn Lighting systems for motorcycles
  • Auto Cancel Flasher systems for motorcycles
  • Lighting systems redesign for motorcycles to eliminate obsolete and hard to source components
  • Light source system for fiber optic endoscope
  • Magnetic chuck controller firmware design
  • Medical docking station for handheld computer hardware design
  • Special effects lighting system for snowmobiles
  • Fireworks electronic igniter firmware
  • Solar power inverter with incorporated data acquisition system firmware
  • Interface between kiosk and commercial DVD player firmware and hardware
  • Relaxation system incorporating optical and audio effects firmware and hardware
  • Exit strobe firmware used in building alarm and safety systems
  • Low cost horn firmware used in building alarm and safety systems
  • Intercom System firmware
  • X-ray inspection system user interface panel - firmware and hardware design
  • Medical equipment lithium ion battery charger hardware design
  • Lifting magnet control system firmware design
  • Industrial infra-red control unit for battery lifting magnet firmware and hardware
  • Interface hardware to a pressure transducer for its calibration in production
  • Cable test system for a production environment - design, construction, and test software


  • Racetrack Sign for communicating flagstand signals to race drivers -hardware and software
  • Flasher module for use with systems powered by 6 volts up to 24 volts with constant flash rate independent of load. Motorcycles, Auto, and Trucks. Protected and Waranted

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