About Us

What do we do?

We provide Expert Witness and Forensics Services to investigate equipment failures. We determine root causes, prepare reports and if needed testify. We have worked to provide insights into lightning damage, equipment fires, electrical equipment failures, reliability issues and feasibility of repair.

The products we have developed range from development of the firmware in a PIC16C54 processor used to run a microstrobe product used in building alarm systems to the development of a multi processor Sign Controller for use in outdoor auto racing. We are comfortable with prototype development and setting up full production of your new products. We have done projects for medical equipment, industrial equipment, automotive aftermarket equipment, and snowmobile aftermarket equipment.

We also develop and deliver custom and packaged training programs in a wide variety of fields. We have experience in industrial, consumer, and medical equipment and bring a broad field of expertise to bear on our clients needs.


Nelson Research has full lab facilities allowing for the development and debug of electronic products. The lab is equipped with oscilloscopes, meters, soldering stations, emulators, device programmers, and computer systems. We have CAD capabilities including Protel and Orcad for schematic capture as well as Printed Circuit Board Layout. We use Kicad for most schematics and PCB layout. This free open source package is available under Windows and Linux and gives our clients a free way to work with schematics and PCB designs. We also provide schemaqtic capture with DX Designer and PCB layout with PADS. We can also provide Spice simulation using LTSpice and B2Spice. We now can provide mechanical design and fabrication work to allow us to provide any part of your project from concept, to prototypes, through initial shipment of finished products. We can provide mechanical drafting services as well as analysis. Contact us for your specific needs.
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