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Scheduled Seminars in Westborough MA

Hands on with Simulator for PIC® Microcontrollers         4/25/2019

PIC Microcontroller Hardware Peripherals           4/26/2019

Hands on with Interrupts for 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers         5/16/2019

Hands on MPLABX® Code Configurator (HEF & Timers) using Microchip Curiosity           5/17/2019

Hands On with MPLABX® Code Configurator Controlling a Servo Motor with PWM techniques           6/20/2019

PIC Microcontroller Hands On with PIC 16F           6/29/2019

PIC Microcontroller Hands On with PIC 24F           9/19/2019

PIC Microcontroller Hands On with PIC 32MX           9/20/2019

Prove Your Concept Quickly with Demo Boards           9/21/2019

Hands On Design with the Chipkit uC32           10/4/2019

Getting Started with PIC Microcontrollers               11/14/2019

Schematic Capture and PCB Layout with KiCad           11/15/2019

Other Available Sessions

PIC Microcontroller Hands On with PIC 10F

Hands On with Microchip Code Configurator

Designing systems using Parallax Basic Stamps

Machine Electrification.

Troubleshooting Electrical Machinery with Digital and Analog Meters.

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