PIC Microcontroller Hardware Peripherals

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Discussion of classic and innovative uses of familiar as well as some new and unusual Microchip PIC hardware peripherals built into their families of microcontrollers.

PREREQUISITES: Basic understanding of microprocessors


  • The Configurable Logic Cell (CLC)
  • The Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO)
  • The Complimentary Output Generator (COG)
  • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)
  • Signal Measurement Timer (SMT)
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • Zero Cross Detect (ZCD)
  • Windowed Watch Dog Timer
  • Slope Compensation
  • A/D
  • Capacitive Touch (CTMU)
  • 16-bit PWM Module
  • Hardware Event Timer Peripherals

MATERIALS PROVIDED: A CD containing a PDF of the presentation and copies of some FREE software tools.

REQUIRED: Payment 1 week in advance.

FEE: $350.00 per person

ACCEPTED PAYMENT: Check, PayPal, or Credit Card.

DURATION OF COURSE: Seven (7) hours - 1 session.

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