Hands On with Microchip Code Configurator

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Write code using the Microchip Code Configurator to set up peripherals by use of simple examples. Students wire up their Curiosity Board, write the code, and debug their project on a Curiosity Development Board DM164137 that they will leave with.

PREREQUISITES: Basic understanding of microprocessors, C, and MPLABŪ X


  • Introduction to the Curiosity Development Board DM164137
  • Introduction to the Microchip Code Configurator Tool in MPLABŪ X
  • Definition of the project problem
  • Breaking down the problem and selection of hardware
  • Hardware Design
  • Firmware Design
  • Programming the board using a USB cable


  • A CD containing a PDF of the presentation
  • A Curiosity Development Board DM164137 and cable


  • Your computer with MPLABX and XC8 installed.
  • Payment 2 weeks in advance.

FEE: $450.00 per person

ACCEPTED PAYMENT: Check, PayPal, or Credit Card.

DURATION OF COURSE: 7 hours - 1 session.

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