Hands on Code Configurator® (HEF & Timers) using Microchip Curiosity®

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Write code using the Microchip Code Configurator to use high endurance flash memory for data storage and to use the timer resources. Students write the code, and debug their project on a Curiosity Development Board DM164137 that they keep.

PREREQUISITES: Basic familiarity with PIC® Microprocessors, C, MPLAB® X, and Code Configurator


  • Introduction to the Curiosity Development Board DM164137
  • Quick review of the Microchip Code Configurator Tool in MPLAB® X
  • Review of High Endurance Flash
  • Hands on Lab
  • Review of Timer Peripherals
  • Hands on Lab


  • Curiosity Development Board DM164137 and USB cable
  • PDF of presentation
  • Sample code routines for HEF and Timer use


  • Your computer with MPLABX version 3.30 or newer and XC8 installed v 1.37 or later installed.
  • Payment 2 weeks in advance.

FEE: $399.00 per person

ACCEPTED PAYMENT: Check, PayPal, or Credit Card.

DURATION OF COURSE: 7 hours - 1 session.

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