Troubleshooting with Meters

COURSE TITLE: Troubleshooting Electrical Machinery with Analog and Digital Multimeters

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers the operation and functions on common analog and digital multimeters. Training will consist of both classroom and hands-on lab, with an emphasis to hands-on and applications. Students will make voltage, current, and resistance measurements with both analog and digital multimeters.

TEXTBOOK: Custom Workbook and Seminar Notes

DURATION OF COURSE: Four (4) hours - 1 day

CERTIFICATE: The student must participate in all class exercises. He/she must satisfy the instructor that at least a minimal level of practical comprehension has been attained.

SKILLS: The student that completes at least the minimum required to receive a certificate of completion should be able to:

Read and understand the settings and scales on typical analog and digital multimeters.

Apply basic troubleshooting to determine circuit faults. Isolate electrical problems.

Read voltages, currents, and resistances following safe and procedures.

Know what types of errors you will see using the wrong meters for the job

FEE: One student - 0% - $99.00 per person
Two to Five students - 5% - $94.05 per person
Six to Ten students - 10% - $89.10 per person
More than Ten students - 15% - $84.15 per person

Full payment is required if cancellation within seven (7) days of start date. Course material only payment, if applicable, is required if cancellation within fourteen (14) days of start date.

A minimum number of students is required to run this class

Cancellations may effect final billing based on fee per student with any quantity discounts.

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