Product : Racing Sign

The Black Flag signals the driver to leave the track NOW. In a tightly grouped bunch, WHO was the Black Flag meant for?

The Black Flag Light is meant to eliminate any question of WHO.

  • The Black Flag Light consists of the sign and a handheld remote
  • The Sign
  • Two giant sunlight readable SuperBright digits for car number
  • Two attention grabbing bright blinking lamps
  • Rugged construction built to last years
  • Low power allows running on battery power all day
  • Uses external 12VDC power source (2 amp)
  • Flexible power options
  • The Handheld Remote
  • Keypad to enter car number and commands
  • Display to show sign status

  • Sign
    Remote Control

    Under development is a backlit LCD display remote to provide better visibility in bright sunlight and a wireless remote option. email to receive information on this new product as soon as it is available.

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